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NL Only Rotisserie Baseball observations...from the bottom of a league.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Anyone see Sandoval try to field the Wilson throw to cut down the lead runner in the 9th tonight. Sits on mid-bag with his stumpy arms, and turns to stone.

Why don't other teams just bunt him to submission, so we can move on, since the guy can catch, Benjie is a hulking defensive liability all of a sudden as he can't throw out a baserunner, and we lose close games as a result.

Dealer, new deck please.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

poker camp

not sure what is more fun. playing rotisserie baseball with the boys and coming in last, or losing money in poker to them. at least with poker, it is relatively quick and painless.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"Man Love"

an ode to the blather of Eric Byrnes...acted out in real time

whatever happened to the good ol "groin injury"

First Kaz Matsui now this...

Diamondbacks placed catcher Chris Snyder on the disabled list with a left testicular fracture.
That's gotta be even worse than an anal fissure. Snyder was injured when he was hit by a foul tip last night.

Friday, May 30, 2008

brass ring

how often do you get a chance in life to grab the brass ring? think about it. Why wouldn't you reach for it, when it seems within grasp? Just wondering.

I've had some trade discussions lately with at least two teams that are doing what Krukow call "short arming" it. Extend your arms boys, the ring is there for you. Not just with trades with me, but what are you all waiting for?

Schlitz had it right with their slogan (despite the quality of their beer): "Go for the Gusto."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

trade winds

Ok, so it's pretty obvious that I will not be vying for the crown this year in BABI.



Looking for one or two quality keepers. Not studly, just solid guys, universally acknowledged as being under value.

You know how to reach me boys.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

...the kids are alright!

whenever you have eugenio velez and manny burris in the starting lineup, there's got to be hope. Now if we could only get them both in the middle infield, along with Lewis, Winn, and Rowand in the outfield, benjie behind the plate, bowker at first, and castillo at third, that's almost a reasonable lineup.

and how 'bout Lincecum??!! hit 97 on the radar with runners in scoring position. a .500 doesn't seem that ridiculous now, does it?

here's a picture of Manny, in case you wondered what he looks like. get used to it--keeper!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

...still, not too bad

st. louis is a pretty good team, but lincecum and sanchez made them look ordinary. Or, maybe, just maybe, we can win half of the games with just pitching. if sanchez steps up as a true number three starter, behind linc. and cain, who cares about the 126m man and the rest of the schmoes. at least they are fun to watch, scrappy, decent defensively. not sure I want to bash sabaen yet---too many others have had a field day with him, but he's doing what he can, and even he would tell you that he's made some mistakes that have put the giants in this hole.

back to rotisserie, just wish any 9 was as good as the giants. might have a fire sale before May Day--reyes, glaus, hawpe, all candidates to be traded for strong keepers for next year. just can't get out the cycle of also ran status with the keepers I've been bringing to the table on draft day year after year. for my loyal readers, come 'n get 'em!